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        Welcome at the internetpages of Wim Vogel.

             I am an Analog Electronic / RF Electronic and EMC Engineer
             with more than 25 years working experience, at Master level
             (Delft University of Technology, 1979).
             Do you need a qualified technician for solving your problems, who is
             able to use professional tools and equipment, then I can help you.              

tel. +31 40 3690508.                                                GSM +31 6 29393856.

 Directly available.

Regards,     ir. W.J. Vogel.
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        Discover more about Radio Frequency Electronics and EMC!
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                  Read further about a practical EMC and harmonic mixing case in a
          communications receiver:


          FRG7-MOD.pdf (772 kB).       Download manual (11.8 MB).


                  Where's the design fault at the second photo with the two tuning capacitors?


                  Read the pdf file for the explanation.
                  LAST NEWS: At 25 november 2009, the file has been published at .







                  And where's the EMC problem at the next photo?

                  See this pdf file.



                  Download my EMC Powerpoint presentation (4.3 MB) (English)


                  Reference: click here.


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